Specific service for each type of sharpening

Eurocoltellerie offers a machinery maintenance service with extraordinary interventions on demand or with planned interventions.

Extraordinary interventions on demand:

Interventions on demand for machinery repairs are carried out by specialized technicians, who aim to solve the problem during the intervention itself, having the necessary spare parts available.

If a repair at our headquarters is necessary, a wide range of replacement machinery is available to minimize the inconvenience caused by the breakdown.

Repairs are only carried out after careful technical and economic evaluation of the damage, and any acceptance of the estimate.

Planned interventions:

Planned interventions for machinery maintenance are carried out by specialized technicians who intervene at scheduled intervals according to the contracts.

With planned interventions, costs become certain, allowing for more efficient economic planning and minimizing extraordinary expenses.

Work surface maintenance:

Eurocoltellerie offers a periodic maintenance service for work surfaces in both wood and polyethylene, with extraordinary interventions on demand or with planned interventions. This service, particularly suitable for hygiene and sanitation reasons, involves removing the deteriorated layer resulting from knife work to obtain a new, smooth, and uniform surface.

After this operation, the material is like new, without steps or undulations. The service includes the disassembly, assembly of the work surfaces and the disposal of manufacturing residues.

Sanitation interventions are carried out on-site without creating any inconvenience to work, with a scheduled frequency depending on the type of work and structure.


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Eurocoltellerie offers machinery maintenance service with on-call or scheduled interventions.